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We dig wells… October 12, 2009

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water Actually I’ve never dug a well in my life. I’m fortunate that water has always been easily accessible for me. Some aid agencies dig wells – they don’t try and get supporters to focus on the drill, they get them to recognise the need of the communities, the benefit the well will bring, and then to recognise that there are still other parched lands and people in need of good water. It’s an easy message for people to grasp and I’m all in favour of water projects.

Bible translation is one of the necessary tools by which people have the possibility of access to the scriptures. Wycliffe tends to talk a lot about Bible translation. Ensuring  people have access to the Scriptures in their own language is a much longer process and we’re a long way back in the supply chain that helps that to happen, but without Bible translation (and the accompanying ‘buckets’ of literacy, language development and scripture use) many may never taste the living water Jesus once spoke of to a spiritually thirsty foreigner.


1. Digging wells for access to the water of life… « John 20:21 - October 13, 2009

[…] By johnnornirn I’ve been posting quite a wee bit recently about the Ndop water project, but here is another angle on Bible translation as well digging from friend and colleague Peter Brassington. […]


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