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Not insignificant October 6, 2009

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In 2009, approximately 6,900 languages are spoken by the 6.9 billion people on earth. Some or all of the Bible is available in about 2,500 of these languages. (almost 450 with the Bible representing about 5 billion people, another 1,200 with the New Testament and maybe a few other books accounting for just over half a billion people and the rest with just portions of Scripture).

At the moment Wycliffe has staff involved in projects for 1,363 languages (almost 70% of the known current work by all agencies).3percent

There’s also another statistic (Can you tell that Jennifer and I have been responsible for pulling statistics together) that talks of the 353 million people speaking languages where translation still needs to begin. Statistically that’s about 5% of the global population and roughly equivalent to the combined populations of UK, Canada, Mexico , Uganda, Cameroon, Thailand, Australia, Switzerland and Jamaica (many other combinations possible).

newer statistics are available at http://wycliffe.net/statistics



1. John Hamilton - October 10, 2009

Thank you, Peter, for re-directing me to this post. I’m going to use it to get monolingual, monocultural English-speaking Christians to try to think outside their “oh, isn’t it great how many translations of the Bible we have in English” box!


2. Bible translation need – “Not Insignificant” « John 20:21 - October 10, 2009

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