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It never rains but it pours September 30, 2009

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Manila is literally on the other side of the world from my home in Ontario but it’s been on my mind and in my prayers over the last few days. I’m praying for the few people I know there and the millions I don’t.

The effects of storm that struck Manila, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, along with the earthquake that struck in Indonesia and the tsunamis in American and Western Samoa will continue to be felt for months and years to come.

Over 250 people were killed in the Philippines and 400,000 are living in temporary relief shelters. The storm has continued to rage across the Pacific. Latest reports indicate at least 40 killed in Vietnam and 170,000 evacuated in it’s path. At least 11 people are so far reported dead in Cambodia.

In separate disasters at least 75 have been killed in the earthquake in Indonesia possibly more than 100 killed as a series of tsunamis smashed into the Pacific island nations of American and Western Samoa.

Ealier this month a separate storm wreaked havoc in Ougadougou, Burkin Faso , killing at least 8 and destroying 24,000 homes.

Keep watching the news. Keep googling for Manila floodVietnam typhoon, Indonesia quakeSamoa tsunami and Burkina Faso flood and above all keep praying!

I’ve been offline for a few hours and have only just heard that now typhoon Parma is on it’s way – God is not overwhelmed.



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