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So that was Summer… September 22, 2009

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Here’s a few of our Summer photos. Just in case you can’t tell we’ve had lots of fun. We’ve explored a few more parts of Ontario, been camping, played in our back yard, done some cycling (Joel almost ready to abandon his stabalisers (aka training wheels), played ‘friendly’ draughts/checkers (look closely and you’ll spot ho this differs from the more competitive version), and now Joel is settling into school life and we’re preparing to rake leaves (warm up exercise to months of snow shovelling.)


We don’t blog often but we do read lots of other peoples (or at least Peter does). He’s now getting daily updates from over 100 blogs from Wycliffe members and organisations and even following news from a couple of our supporting churches. Some of the best bits are shared on our blog, on http://www.google.com/reader/shared/Pete2025 , and now on a new Wycliffe International facebook page http://www.facebook.com/pages/Wycliffe-International/99784352162. Pete’s also been heavily involved in getting some multilingual content onto www.wycliffe.net and www.thewordislife.net, and trying to sort some of the documentation and underlying processes and policies, and principles that will see these sites develop further. Jennifer is no also very busy on Wycliffe work, drawing together information for the WBTI board and taking a lead in developing new strategies around how Wycliffe International and the various organisations represented can present statistics about what Wycliffe is involved in. More on that later. Meanwhile if we’ve not heard from you recently let us know what the Summer involved for you.



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