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Somewhere a squirrel is benefitting from the resurrection… April 11, 2009

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Happy Easter to everyone who knows us and anyone else who stumbles across our blog.  For a stirring Easter song click on the video clip. For more about the squirrels read below.

We don’t usually post copyrighted stuff but if you enjoyed the music you’ve either already got it or might be encouraged to buy an album (Don Francisco), and if you didn’t then no one has lost out either. The visual are from the Jesus film which has been translated into rather a lot of languages and allegedly seen by up to 5,000,000,000 people (personally I think they counted a few twice). If you’re not one of them you can view it at Jesusfilm.org

As for the squirrel, Joel had an Easter egg hunt today and then left about 40 mini eggs in a sealed plastic container on our back deck. When we went to get them in we discovered the conatiner had been nibbled and opened and all eggs removed. Only a few squirrelly footprints and the chewed contained are evidence of this crime. No chocolate appears to have been eaten yet but soon the squirrels will be celebrating.

Meanwhile I drove off in search of replacement eggs. Walmart was sold out and Superstore had some but in different wrappers. Joel may notice the difference. Lets hope grace is extended towards the squirrels.



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