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Leaks, sumps, and septic tanks March 23, 2009

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Spring has definitely arrived here but the first sign of a thaw was the water coiming into our basement. What started last Monday with damp socks and a slow leak in our office quickly progressed to mopping on three different fronts (or rather vacuuming). For a few days we were doing this every couple of hours even through the night. It gradually slowed and finally last Sunday we looked forward to being able to sleep the whole night only to have Joel wake us three times.
Water was still coming in until Friday but only needed attention once or twice a day.
It is some relief to discover that this is the highest the water table has been for the last decade or two and that people who haven’t had wet basements since the 70’s are pumping out too.
We did have the septic tank emptied and learnt that our sump pump was emptying into it (apparently not the best idea), and so we spent Thursday digging the pipe up (three feet underground), rerouting it, and repairing the broken pipe that it was previously emptying in to.
The cedar trees above the septic tank and pipes haven’t been helping so on Saturday we bought a chainsaw and have been cooking toast and marshmallows on a rather large camp fire.


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