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Latest News January 15, 2007

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Sun Jan 14, 2007

Christmas has come and gone. Joel was ill for a lot of it but is better now. We tuned in to some UK radio via the web and celebrated the British New Year (5pm in a Canadian afternoon).
Just before New Year we drove down to the border, spent 7 minutes on US soil and returned to Canada as official permenant residents.

Thur Nov 10

New prayer letter finally on the site, lots of new photos and video of Joel and a rabbit. Meanwhile we should soon have permanent residence status in Canada! No more complications with visas and a few other advantages.

Tue Sept 19

Didn’t realise it was so long since we’d updated this bit. We put some birthday photos on a month ago and planned on sending a letter out soon after. Sleep deprivation, busy schedules, and other valid and less valid excuses…

Joel is walking, climbing, and doing so much with confidence. In the last week he’s even started sleeping (don’t stop praying this could be just a blip on his waking four times a night routine).

This month we’ve been in Canada two years and I’ve been working with Wycliffe for ten years. Must write that letter…


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